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Summon New Battle Pet Incendrost in Resource Tycoon

08:00 Jul 14,2018

It’s time to take the new battle pet – Incendrost with you to the battleground. Incendrost is a strong dragon with terrifying appearance. He is good at attacking enemies at their back with fire and frost magic, which makes it hard to comprehend his enigmatic dual nature. The Roaming Flame and Piercing Frost can work perfectly together to generate a greater damage to your enemies. His mischievous purple eyes may give you a hint where he comes from and how he got the ability to cast the two opposite magic.

Let’s see how helpful he is!


Roaming Flame:

Deal (270%+90) DMG to enemies in the back row; this applies a “Singed” debuff on targets, reducing their DEF by 8% and causing them to lose 8%max HP per turn for 2 turns and also deals 20% more damage to targets with the “Frostbite” debuff.

Piercing Frost:

Deal (216%+70) DMG to enemies in the back row; this skill applies a “Frostbite” debuff on targets, reducing their ATK by 8% for 2 turns; any targets with the “Singed” debuff will be frozen for 1 turn.


Incendrost can’t wait to assist you in combat! Participate in the Single-Server Resource Tycoon from Jul 16th to Jul 20th. Accumulate specific Tycoon points and he will be yours! Also, don’t forget to enjoy the Beach Party in LoA II!

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