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New Mount Ancient K'un Shows Up in Treasure Grab!

14:19 Jul 19,2018

Prepare to meet League of Angels II’s newest mount, the powerful and mysterious Ancient K’un. Make this exclusive Artifact grade mount your own for a limited time from 24th to 26th July by participating in the Treasure Grab event!

This rare creature of the deep seas may be giant in size, but is surprisingly swift when taking action. It also has quite the temper, capable of releasing an enormous amount of energy instantaneously when made furious. With its mysterious abilities, Ancient K’un can greatly restore HP and increase ATK, Crit, and END for the whole team.


Let’s take a look at its abilities:

Primal Ocean (Max Level)

Restore 12.5% HP to the entire squad at the end of each turn for the first 5 turns of a battle; Increase ATK, Crit, and END of the entire squad by 19.5% for 5 turns.


Waves of Origin (Max Level)

From 2nd turn, gain 125 Rage after the first action of each turn; Each time an enemy uses an Ultimate skill, restore 7% HP (this can only trigger up to 2 times per turn); Each time an ally uses an Ultimate skill, increase ATK by 4.2% (stacks up to 5 times and lasts until end of battle).


Participate in the upcoming Treasure Grab event and make Ancient K’un your new power mount. Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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