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New Feature Angel's Home: Create a Cozy Home and Get Angel's Blessing

16:53 Jul 31,2018

League of Angels II is excited to introduce the brand new feature - Angel's Home. Angel's Home enables players to create their own home, and the home coziness will add bonus attributes to the squad. Meanwhile, players can upgrade and augment Angel to get Angel's blessing in Angel Training, and players can even deploy angle in battle! Let’s see read more about this feature below.

Requirement: Lvl. 75 and above

Entry: Click on “Angel's Home” to enter


There are four parts for you to explore, namely Furniture Shop, Angel Training, Dream Dungeon, and Visit Friend & Visit Log.

Click the Arrange button in the lower right to enter edit mode where you can place furniture objects around your room. Each piece of furniture has its own Coziness, which affects the items placement limit. Your total room Coziness will add bonus attributes to your deployed heroes. When your Coziness reaches the required amount, you can expand the size of your room and place more furniture.


Furniture Shop

All the decorations can be exchanged in Furniture Shop with Furniture Coin. Furniture Coin can be obtained from Angel Dream dungeon.  


Angel Training

Angel Training allows warriors to unlock and train new angels. Angels can be upgraded and augmented in Angel Training, which will greatly increase the attributes of all deployed heroes, and release their skills in battle. 

Each Angel can be upgraded up to level 90. Upgrade bonuses are applied to deployed heroes even from Angels that are not deployed. Each Angel can be augmented up to 5 Stars and each Star has 5 Ranks. Once an Angel is augmented to 3 Stars, you can activate their Angel Statue in Furniture shop for free.


Dream Dungeon

Dream Dungeon stores a great amount of Furniture coins, Angel Shards and Angel Essence. Warriors can challenge each chapter to get these resources. The higher chapter you explore, the better the rewards will be. Each entry requires 1 Dream Stamina, which will refill back to the max amount at 12AM every day. 


Visit Friend

Players can visit friends every day but cannot visit a friend more than once a day. There are rewards for visiting others based on visit duration and rewards for being visited by others. Visit Log can be viewed to know your visit info and you can claim the visit rewards.


Hurry up to create your Angel's home and get Angel's blessing! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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