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New Battle Pet Incendius Shows You the Elemental Fire

14:07 Sep 25,2019

All shall burn! A totally new battle pet Incendius comes to League of Angels II now. He is an energetic creature who has elemental power. A powerful fire elemental lord from the deepest regions of the fire realm. Incendius will show up in upcoming Single Server Resource Tycoon event from Sep. 27th to Sep. 30th. Seize the chance to own him!

This powerful pet is our 2nd Valorium battle pet and let’s see how helpful it is!

Ultimate: Lava Burst (Max Level)

Deal ATK*(288%+10720) DMG to all enemies, plus an additional 10%/20%/30% DMG to enemies with 1/2/3 stacks of the Burning debuff, respectively.

Normal Skill: Cross Fissure (Max Level)

Deal ATK*(215%+8000) DMG to all enemies within a cross area with the main target in the center and reduce their DEF by 20%. Also applies Burning to targets for ATK*30%DMG per round; effects last for 2 rounds.

Take Incendius into your squad and it will show you how powerful it can be! Participate in the Single-Server Resource Tycoon from Sep. 27th to Sep. 30th. Accumulate specific Tycoon points and it will be yours! Stay tuned for more great news and events!

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