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Race in League of Angels


The birth of the Bloods stems from a mistake by the male group of the Angels, this proves that they are not almighty. Although their plan failed, it taught people of Sapphire to be more scientific when trying to attain power too great.

The“Celestials”is a unique male group that came to Sapphire with the Angels, with no special powers, they are intellectually superior.Their leader Adolf believed that they once had intellect as well as special powers. Their creator later took away their power because the Celestials were too perfect.



Adolf spent all his efforts in augmenting the Celestials. The fall of Tanya taught him one thing,that genes can mutate and powers can change.So using his position as Head of SEED, he used the Dark Lord as a study subject and even released Loki to assist him in the research that he named the“Soucecode Program”.

Somehow the servants of the Dark Lord got news and broke the seal, releasing their master! Adolf, eager to rectify his mistakes used a prototype potion he was researching. For a short period he gained incredible power, speed and vision. He gave out the potion in large numbers, creating an elite army to defeat the Dark Lord again.

After awhile, a terrible side effect surfaced——those who injected the potion began to attack those around them. The only thing that restores their sanity is if they consume blood. The Supreme Council dispatched Pandora to investigate. With the help of Loki, they made a“Source Serum”that can keep the side effect in check. Loki regained his freedom for his help.

Although with the help of the serum, the Celestials can control their mutation, their body were permanently affected. They became immortal with enhanced healing power, great strength and fast speed. Thye came to be known as the Bloods. Adolf became leader as“Blood Prince”at the price of serving the Angels forever.

Spy Agency: Silhouette

The Spy Agency Silhouette was founded soon after the Bloods joined the Angels, its main purpose was to gather millitary intelligence to prevent war. As time went on, without the knowledge of Adolf, Silhouette was infiltrated by evil forces. A faction of them even unsealed the Prime Evils from the World Tree. The leader of the agency Lamia was chastised for her carelessness, casting the value of the agency in doubt.

Supervisor: Angel of Blood-Pandora

With the failure of the Sourcecode Program, the Angel Council sent out Pandora to stop the spreading of virus. First time dealing with Human affairs, she enlisted the help of Loki to manufacture a serum. She also enlisted the Bloods to serve the Angels with herself as their supervisor.