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Strategy on Soul Avatar System

12:08 Jul 10,2018

Soul Avatar is a new system updated in League of Angels II, which can greatly raise player's Battle Rating and boost the growth of the whole squad. Here is a strategy by player Beatrix (S943) about how to make full use of this system to make your squad much more stronger! 

Soul Avatar Battle and Support



Pick your weapons:

  • Click the “+” icon or click and drag to deploy Battle or Support Soul Avatars.
  • Battle Soul Avatars will increase the attributes of your squad and use a unique skill at the start of every turn.
  • Support Soul Avatars increase your squad’s attributes but do not use skills in battle.
  • A Soul Avatar that is already deployed in Battle or Support slots cannot be deployed again in neither of them.
  • You may toggle the Soul Avatar animation ON & OFF by checkmarking the “Display” option.

Soul Avatar Formation



Choosing the right spot:

  • Soul Avatars can be deployed in either one of the 3 front row spots. Drag and drop to your favorite location.
  • 2nd and 3rd Battle SA have only a chance of activating their skills in battle, depending on the inscribe level.
  • It will take effect in the same column or row as the 1st Battle SA deployed, so it might be a good strategy to deploy your strongest SA as the primary Battle SA.
  • It might also be a good idea to deploy the main Battle Soul Avatar in the same column as your strongest hero, or enemy's strongest hero.
  • Playing a Durona could prove extremely beneficial as you would be able to take maximum advantage of your Soul Avatars!

Soul Avatar Enhance


Leveling up:

  • Use EXP Soul Avatars or regular Soul Avatars you no longer need, to enhance your Soul Avatars.
  • You may manually pick what kind of resources you want to enhance with by clicking the “+” icon, or by selecting the rarity for auto-leveling.
  • You can level up 1 level, 10 levels, or more, depending on the rarity of the materials used for enhancing. Current maximum is Lv.120.
  • Different SA will grant different stats when enhanced.
  • Naturally, higher tier SA will give better stats. However, even within the same tier, Fae Dragon gives less ATK and Agility than Holy Light but more HP and DEF.
  • Click the “Open Shop” link to acquire resources for upgrading your SA’s. Lower levels will cost less, so balance as you will, prioritizing which stats or tiers are better for you.

Soul Avatar Enchant



Upgrading Stars:

  • Enchanting raises the stats of your SA’s as well as improving the corresponding skills.
  • Each time you enchant a star (up to 5 max), your SA changes appearance.
  • Enchanting requires similar SA shards.
  • Whenever you fill the enchantment gauge, 10 SA Enchantment Stones of the corresponding level will be required to obtain the next star.
  • Remember you can obtain shards from multiple events and shops such as the Eternal War shop!

Soul Avatar Inscribe and Illuminate



Decoding the table:

  • Each level unlocks a new attribute (8 total).
  • Each HP; ATK; DEF and Agility inscribe increases the selected attribute bonus by 1% (up to 120% total).
  • Inscribing Hit; Dodge; Crit and END will raise both percentage rate and base stats (up to 25.2% + 20736).
  • After illuminating to Lv.5, the second Soul Avatar and 2 extra Support slots will unlock.
  • Illuminating to Lv.7 will unlock the third Soul Avatar and the last 2 Support slots.
  • The 2nd and 3rd Soul Avatars have a chance to trigger their respective skills in battle. The higher the inscribe level, the better the chance.

Soul Avatar Recycle



Shuffle up and deal:

  • Rebirth your gear to get everything you used back, at a very small Diamond cost.
  • You may Recycle more than 1 piece at a time.
  • In order to recycle a Soul Avatar, you must first remove them from deployed Battle or Support.

Soul Avatar Skills and Stats


Soul Avatar Skills and Stats


Soul Avatar Skills and Stats


Soul Avatar Skills and Stats


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