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Golden Leaf Carnival Guide

15:01 Aug 06,2018

Golden Leaf Carnival is an event newly added to League of Angels II. Golden Leaf can be used to activate special privilege. Let's take a look at the guide, and hope  help you know better about this event.

★Each Topaz recharged equals one Golden Leaf (e.g. Recharge 400 Topaz to obtain 400 Golden Leaves). 
★Golden Leaves are removed at reset, so make sure to spend them on the day you get them.
★To spend Golden Leaves, you must “activate” one or more offers. Activating Offers will not gain Golden Leaves.


★Once you activate an offer, the same button you clicked will display “use” in its place. Clicking it again will trigger a bonus recharge. Activating an offer will not trigger this bonus recharge. It will only happen after you click “use”.
★You can activate offers during the first two days of the event. Remember the leaves are cleared at midnight so feel free to activate it right away.
You can use each one of the 3 offers only once during the duration of the event. The event lasts 3 days so you can choose which day you want to use the offer.



Q1: “I want to recharge today but use the offer tomorrow because tomorrow’s events are better, is this possible?”

A:“No problem. Simply activate the offer(s) you want today and use them tomorrow.”


· There is also a free 200 offer. Since this one doesn’t cost Leaves, you can activate it on any of the 2 days of the Privilege activation period and use it on 1 of the 3 days of the duration of the event.
· Using a bonus recharge offer will not give you Topaz

· It will also not increase your VIP.

· Using a bonus recharge offer will trigger every corresponding recharge offer available on the day you choose to use it.


Q2: “So it’s basically like I just recharged 200 Topaz for free? Except that I don’t earn Topaz or increase my VIP level, but I get to unlock all the corresponding recharge events and claim all these sweet resources, right?”

A: “Exactly! Enjoy the benefits!”

Official Desktop: https://www.gtarcade.com/micro/download?game_id=160

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