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Mythic Equipment Attributes and Acquisition Strategy

18:18 Jun 16,2016

League of Angels II has recently added a set of Mythic Equipment called Eternal Equipment. Many players may still be unfamiliar with this equipment set, so below a brief introduction. 

▶Overview and Attributes of Eternal Equipment Set◀

Now that you have seen the stats on the Eternal set, you will notice it is a huge upgrade from Legendary equipment. Fortunately, you can recycle your extra Legendary Equipment and save the resources for Mythic quality. 

Where does Eternal Equipment come from?

1. X-Server Domination

Join in X-Server Domination and make it to the Final Stage. The Top 100 in the Draft Stage can enter Final Stage and claim the Eternal Chest, which contains 20 Eternal Equipment shards. You will need 100 shards to combine into an Eternal Equipment.

1st Place: 10 Medium Eternal Chest
2nd Place: 9 Medium Eternal Chest
3rd Place: 8 Medium Eternal Chest
4-10th Place: 5 Medium Eternal Chest
11-20th Place: 4 Medium Eternal Chest
21-50th Place: 3 Medium Eternal Chest
51-100th Place: 2 Medium Eternal Chest

X-Server Domination maybe difficult for some free players or new players, but there are other ways to get Eternal Equipment Shards! 

2. Eqmt Shop and Totem Shop

You can gather Hellcoin by clearing the Abyss to exchange for Eternal shards in Eqmt Shop. You can also get Eternal Shards with Totems by attending X-Server Domination. 

3. Hot Events and Limited-Time Events

You can claim Eternal Packs in Hot Events when you Recharge a certain amount. Eternal Shards are also available in some limited-time events, such like Lucky Tree. Powerful Eternal Equipment is not far beyond reach if you have patience and use all these methods! It won’t be easy, but the rewards are worth it!

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