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Mythic Hero Guide: Moira, Leader of the Tempest Kingdom

18:25 Jun 24,2016

That latest update of LoA2 introduced a new kind of Hero to the land of the Angels. Today we will overview one of these Mythic Heroes. Called the Angel of Apocalypse, Moira founded the Angel Kingdom of Tempest after the great split of the Angels. Today we will overview the abilities and background of one of the most powerful Angels to ever live.

◇ Strongest of the Angels, AOE Rage Reduction ◇

Normal Skill:
1. Divine Gaze: Summon 4 swords to randomly attack enemies for (168%+60) damage, each hit increases own ATK by 6%, lasts 2 rounds.

Ultimate Skill:
1. Apocalypse: Deal (176%+60) damage to all enemies. Do more damage if there are fewer targets. This skill always crits and enemies only generate half as much rage.  

Passive Skills:
1. Clairvoyance: Perceive the enemy’s weaknesses, increasing Crit and Hit rate of team by 10%, lasts 2 rounds.
2. Mind’s Eye: Moira has a 15% chance to negate all damage, this effects works in conjunction with dodge.


1. Moira’s strong AOE attacks can quickly eliminate groups of squishy enemies while slowing their rage gain to prevent retaliation.
2. Due to the AOE damage, Moira gains rage very fast, and is able to use her Ultimate every 2 rounds.
3. Her ability to increase the crit rate of the whole team will improve your damage significantly, and can make crit heroes like Lucas even more fearsome.
4. Her Mind’s Eye gives Moira extreme survivability against any enemy.

The Legend of Moira

    Moira is Angel of Apocalypse, one of the seven Supreme Council members and founder of the Tempest Kingdom. She not only excels at combat, but also possesses the 'Eye of Apocalypse' that can detect the flow of energy in all things.

    As the heir to one of the greatest old generation of Angels, Moira believes in upholding the purity of the Angel race. To outsiders, Moira is a cold and calculated leader focused on building an Empire that can protect peace with power. To her followers, Moira will usher in a new age of prosperity that will withstand any threat.

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