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Key to Empower Relics- Palace Dungeon!

17:06 Aug 05,2016

Palace Dungeon is an important feature in League of Angels II as the main source of Relics and Runes. This week new items Engraving Stone and Relic Crystal will also drop in Palace Dungeon, which will make your relic much stronger. This article aims to help players get the most out of it. This strategy was written by Moratia(S106).


Palace Dungeon is a feature unlocked at the lvl 25. The main focus of this feature is obtaining Relics and resources related to them (Runes, Relic Essences, etc). To enter Palace Dungeon, you can click on the shortcut at the left of your screen or click the right panel to enter the Multiplayer panel and select Palace Dungeon.




Main Screen




Team Member

Building a good team is really important as each member of your team will grant you 20% of their Slayer Seal winnings.

Open the Team window using the interface at the bottom of your screen. This window shows current open teams that are recruiting, and you can click on them to apply or join them immediately. You can also you use the Quick Join to find a random team immediately. The Designated button allows you to join a specific team. To do so you have to provide the ID of the team you want to join in the pop-up and press ok. Finally, you can also create your own team.


When you click on Create Team, a new window appears with some information including the ID. It is best to form teams with other players around your level, which is why we will configure which players allowed to join the team. Click the Auto-Add button and you will see several requirements you can fill out to narrow the scope of players allowed to join your team. It is highly recommended to put a filter to get players closer to your current level.


Once your team have been created and go on for a bit of time (10 minutes at least) you can check how your mates are going based on the battle/hour ratio. If you have set your team on your current level and your opponent clear the floor fast enough, you should see 60 battle/hour. Sometimes player struggle a little on Blue opponent and if it is the case he will be at 54 battle/hour and that's OK, no need to be too greedy.

Extra profit isn't that important as it only really inform you on how long the player was on your team.

On this screenshot you can see I have a very good team with 2 players of my lvl clearing their floor in 2 rounds. It will be a good day.

Battle Log

The battle log provides you information on how well you are doing against monsters of the current floor you are exploring.
You should aim for a 2 round maximum to kill the opponent. If it is taking more rounds than that, you can check the battle log and correct your setup to kill them faster, or you can downgrade your floor.


Raid Panel

You generate one Raid attempt per hour with a maximum of 30. It is important to note that when you open the Raid windows, it does not refresh the target. You have to use "Change" right after you open the window.

Why is this important? You can't get a Shard from someone who has less than 10 Shards. If you open the window, and see an opponent at 10 Shards, there is a chance he was raided in the time your window was opened, and could now have only 9 Shards. If it is the case you will waste your raid attempt on a target with no Shard reward. So when you choose the target you want to raid, you should avoid "Low" opponents and opponent with 10 shards.


Floor Panel

You can switch floors at any time. Possible Drops are displayed for each floor level and higher floors unlock every 10 levels.

If you can't find a proper target to raid (at least medium that you can defeat), it is better to downgrade your floor time to do your raid and go back to AFK in the higher one.



You can check the amount of battles you fought, your win rate and Trophies you have earned but not yet collected.

Use the 1-Click button to collect everything at once.


Specific Menu

The Relic Shop allows you to convert your Slayer Seal into various items. Team icon opens the Team Member interface and Record allows you to check how your raid is going along with your teammates.

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