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How to Obtain Silver and Gold Footballs

21:56 Jul 08,2016

League of Angels II have planned a series Football themed events to welcome the wonderful moment with all football fans and loa2 player. Hope you win big in the Euro Cup and LoA2!

▶ Silver Footballs


Silver footballs are mainly obtained from the Beauty Contest event, detailed accesses are as follows:

Access to get Silver Footballs:
1. Open Angel's Benison Chest which is obtained by voting for Angels.
2. Every 200 diamonds recharged will receive 5 Silver Footballs (up to claim for 50 times daily)

Players need to collect 10 Roses to vote once. So, you need to collect Roses as many as you can to earn more Silver footballs.

Access to get Roses:
1. Blitzing Elite Dungeon
2. Directly Buy them with Topaz
3. The Event "Rose Bargain"

▶ Gold Footballs
What can we exchange with Gold footballs? Amazing items! Almost all Outfits and Mounts will show up again in the Event "Gold Special", which will be released on July 10th and 11th. Therefore, collect Gold footballs in advance to prepare for it!

Access to get Gold footballs:

1. The Event "Silver Special Ⅰ". Every time you consume 50 Silver footballs for rewards, you will win one free Gold football.
2. Open Angel's Benison to get Gold footballs with a small probability.

Silver and Gold Footballs that can be exchanged for rare resources, new items, and even Outfits and Mounts! If you have shards left over in your inventory, this is your chance to compete these Outfits and Mounts!

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