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League of Angels II - Rune Socketing Guide

17:57 Sep 29,2016

With the release of Duality Runes, the Relic system in League of Angels II has become even more intricate. Many new strategies have emerged, and some players might need a little guidance to get them started. Learn all about Runes and Socketing strategies in this comprehensive guide!


Rune Types


1. ATK, HP: Two of the most basic stats and essential to every hero. These determine how much damage a hero deals and how much damage that can take before they are defeated, respectively.


2. DEF: Another basic stat that determines how much damage a hero will take from attacks. Under certain situations it might be preferable to keep DEF low so the hero takes more damage to build Rage quicker. Moira is one such hero.


3. Agility: Determines how fast a hero can attack. If agility is high enough a hero can even attack twice in 1 round. When two or more heroes get full Rage at the same time, the hero who has the higher agility will cast their ultimate before others. 


4. END: Endurance reduces the chance a hero will be critically hit. For example, Aphrodite’s Stun skill is not effective against heroes with very high END.


5. Dodge: Determines the the chance a hero will avoid enemy attacks. Dodging an attack will not generate any Rage.


6. CRIT: Chance for attacks to deal additional damage.


7. Hit: Determines the chances a hero will hit their targets. This stat is compared to the target’s Dodge stat to determine the outcome.

Rune Socket


Which Rune is appropriate on which Hero? 


First, ATK and HP runes are must-have for all types of Heroes. Generally, DEF rune is also suitable for all Heroes, but players can decide whether to have them according to the specific situation. 


Next, let’s see the Rune strategies for each Empire:


1. Tempest


· Lucas & Alecta: Crit and Hit Runes are recommended. Lucas is known for his deadly Crits, and Alecta is a great assassin who focuses on single target damage. These 2 Runes can increase their chance to kill enemies even faster.


· Kay: Agility and Dodge. Kay’s passive skill increasess her Agility and Dodge rate by 20%. So with these 2 Runes to provide more stat bonuses, Kay is able to cast faster than enemies and paralyze the enemy with the highest ATK successfully.


· A’ishah: Dodge and END. These 2 Runes help A’ishah to survive longer in battle so she can continue healing others. 


· Moira: Agility, Hit, and Crit. Moira is an AOE Hero, so she gains Rage faster than others. With Agility Runes, she will gain speed advantage throughout the whole battle. After Moira is augmented to +4 and higher, she will get a new passive skill that increase Crit and Hit rate of the team by 10%. Therefore, Hit and Crit runes make this bonus even better.          

2. Celestial


· Theresa & Huxley: Crit and Hit (also Agility on Theresa). The key is to make a 1-2 combo, with Theresa attacking first followed immedaitely by Huxley. Theresa will weaken specific targets, then since Huxley targets 2 enemies with the lowest HP, he will attack 2 of the 3 enemies that Theresa just attacked. Use Agility Rune and Relic with Agility stat to adjust Theresa’s Agility to be a slightly higher than Huxley’s.


· Liz: Agility and END. Liz is the only Support Hero that can add Rage. Once Liz casts her ultimate, other Heroes can follow up with theirs as well. Use Agility Rune to let her attack faster and END Rune to let survive longer and support other Heroes.


· Thera: Dodge and END. Same reasons as A’ishah.


· Rei: Crit and Hit. Crit Rune will benefit Rei’s passive skill, which increases Crit by 10%. Hit Rune will increase Rei’s chance to stun enemies.

3. Midas


· Lydia & Aphrodite: Crit and Agility. Aphrodite’s normal skill and ultimate skill are focused on Crit. Plus, she can stun the enemy if she Crits. However, the stun can only perform for 1 turn, which means, if the enemy casts faster than Aphrodite, the stun will not be effective anyway. That’s why we pick an Agility Rune to make her cast faster. Same reason to Lydia. 


· Athena: Agility and END. Athena increases 22% of damage dealt by the entire squad for 2 turns. We need to make sure Athena casts this skill faster than DPS heroes, otherwise this buff will only be effective for 1 turn in fact.


· Flora: Crit and Dodge. Crit will increase the amount of HP restored. Flora returns Rage per round, which makes up for lack of Rage caused by Dodge Rune. 


· Pamela: Crit, Dodge, and END. A Relic with the stat that absorbs damage as HP is preferred. Agility is not that important for Pamela, especially when battling with Heroes like Moira who has ATK buff for the first 2 turns. In a defensive position, Pamela can absorb damage to restore HP, decrease enemies’ Rage, and drag the battle to the third round to gain an advantage.

After reading this comprehensive guide on Runes, we hope players can take advantage of the potential of Runes and discover new strategies. Log into League of Angels II now and customize your Heroes and Relics like never before!


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