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Update V3.01.0 | More Improvements on Palace Dungeon!

16:00 Aug 09,2017

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.01.0
Update time:
2017/08/09 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2017/08/10 (All Other Servers)

1.Palace Dungeon:
a. Removed AFK battle, rewards will be gained every 45 seconds after clicking “start”.
b. Removed battle log function.
c. Removed team-up function, Slay Seal Bonus increased to 40%.  
d. Enemy players replaced by AI opponents in Raid.
e. Daily Quests: “Enable AFK mode for 1 hour” was changed to “Enabled AFK mode in the Palace Dungeon today”
f. Trophies will be refreshed every time you open the Palace Dungeon Page. Current trophies will be collected automatically after clicking “start”.
2. Minion Shard: Added exclamation mark (!) when they are ready to synth.
3. Removed Shard Donation function and other related displays in the level up prompt window.
4. Guild Boss: Cannot attack the Boss when you’ve reached today's max total damage.

5. Guild Ranking: Determined by Guild level first, then guild leader’s VIP level, and then guild ID.

Bug Fixes:

1. X-server Guild: Fixed a bug where Guild Boss and Gauntlet were open at the time.

2. X-server Guild: Fixed a bug where players could not receive guild invitation from other x-server players.

3. Guild Tech: Fixed a bug where the exclamation mark (!) was shown when there was no action to take.

4. Battle Result: Fixed a bug where the battle result was different than the battle details.

5. Lucky Clover Clothing: Fixed a bug where “Ode to Green” skill could be used every round.

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