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Update V3.03.0 & V3.02.0 |First Artifact Mount Aviatrix

16:55 Aug 16,2017

Extra Patch
Version: V3.03.0
Update time:
2017/08/18 (All Servers)
1. Palace Dungeon:
a) Energy limit increased from 100 to 120
b) Energy will not be restored every 15 minutes, instead, 100 energy will be restored daily at 00:00. ( total energy will not exceed 120)
2. Grand Tournament: Fixed the bug where the battle video was different than the battle result.


Update Scope: All Servers

Version: V3.02.0
Update time:
2017/08/16 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2017/08/17 (All Other Servers)


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New Features:

Artifact Mount: Aviatrix

1. Pet Equipment: “Gain Main Character’s ATK” was changed to “Gain ATK of the character in the squad with the highest ATK”.
2. Nether Realm:
1) Loot attempts increased from 6 to 7
2) First attempt is free, next two attempts require Diamonds, and attempts after require Topaz.

3) Added a rewards panel when getting random rewards after clicking the question mark (?) with 1 AP left.

Bug fixes:
1. X-server war:
1) Fixed a bug where double rewards were sent to the guild when clearing guild dungeons.
2) Fixed a bug where the auto email with unclaimed rewards failed to send after completing Guild Boss.
3) Fixed a bug where player’s info was showing “user does not exist” in guild chat.
4) Fixed a bug where guild member’s info showed the original guild info when checking guild from Guild Info panel.
2. Eternal War: Fixed a bug where the original server before merging was still shown in player’s title.
3. Mount Codex: Fixed display errors in Christmas Reindeer’s codex.
4. Battle Result: Fixed a bug where the battle result was different than the battle details.
5. Grand Tournament: Fixed a bug where Defy Death buffing was not working correctly.
6. Guild Dungeon: Fixed a bug where the target chapter for the next day changed after refreshing the page.
7. Nether Realm: Fixed a bug where Fatigue was being deducted when double clicking an empty area.
8. Palace Dungeon: Fixed a bug where palace energy was being wrongly deducted.

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