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Update V3.05.0 | Blitz Function Added to Dungeon Sweeper!

11:28 Aug 30,2017

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.04.0
Update time:
2017/08/30 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
2017/08/31 (All Other Servers)
1. Equipment: Raised max Upgrade level to 12.
2. Dungeon Sweeper: Added 1-click Blitz function.
3. X-Server Domination: Reduced wings and mount size.
4. Shop: Added Minion Shop to Merchant and Little Helper.

5. Nether Realm: Removed the access icon from the main screen. Players can enter from Feature > Single-Player panel.

6. Updated ranking rewards in X-server Domination and added new items in Eternal War Shop.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed a bug where the Output Bonus of Costume Essence was wrongly calculated when Red Hood was the week’s costume.
2. Fixed some display bugs when activating or infusing Celestial Lovers costume if the player also owned Red Hood.  
3. Fixed a bug in Grand Tournament PvP mode where the displayed player info was different than the actual.

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