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Update V3.06.0 | New Guild PVP Mode Grand Expedition Coming!

11:46 Sep 12,2017

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.06.0
Update time:
2017/09/11 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
2017/09/14 (All Other Servers)
New Function:
1.New Guild PvP: Grand Expedition
2.New Artifact Mount: Nocturnus
3.New Clothing: Arcane Academy

4.New Event Diamond: Fading Diamond. Can be used like Diamonds but will be recycled into Gold at 23:59 each day.

Recently added:
1. Improvements for Isha
a) Solaris: Overgrowth
Isha’s Ultimate DMG was improved and can entangle targets with a 100% chance now.
b) Verdant: Death Seed
Extra skill added: Increase the Max HP of the entire squad by XX% of Isha's max HP
2.Fixed a bug where the game was disconnected when player clicked Guild Ranking page in X-server panel.

1. Guild Ranking: Ranked by Guild Total BR-->> Guild Level-->> Number of Guild Members-->> VIP of Guild Head-->> Unique System ID
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed a bug where the online status of Guild members was not showing correctly.
2. Fixed a bug where the Red Hood Costume cannot be activated normally.  

3. Fixed a bug where Guild Dungeon attempts were wrongly displayed.

Newly Updated on 09/14

1.Dungeon Sweeper: Increased the purchase limit of all level crystals in shop. ( already available from last patch on 09.13)
2.Minion Shop: Increased the purchase limit of Sapphire Jade and Purple Jade to 100.
3.Grand Expedition: Legendary Armament Shard Chest was changed to Mythic Armament Shard Chest.

4.Mythic Armament Shard Chest and Mythic Armament Shard can be sold as Astral Seal*2500.

1.Grand Expedition: Silver Ingot should be Astral Ingot.
2.Grand Tournament: Fixed a bug where the game got disconnected when players attacked the boss in Chapter 18.
3.X-server Guild: Fixed a bug where the Guild name & rankings were duplicated in Guild Ranking page if the guild head kicked a guild member and clicked the Guild Ranking page right away.

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