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Update V3.13.0 | Get Ready to Celebrate Christmas in LoA2!

18:00 Dec 20,2017

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.13.0
Update time:
2017/12/18 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)

2017/12/21 (All Other Servers)

*[Christmas Quiz] (Only English for this time)
Duration: 2017/12/23 00:00:00- 2017/12/26 23:59:59
*[New Year’s Countdown]
Duration: 2017/12/23 00:00:00- 2018/01/01 23:59:59

New Features and Gameplay:
1.New Festival Emblem: Christmas Emblem
2.New Clothing: Winter Fantasia
3.Sapphire has been decorated for Christmas!
1.Nether Realm: In Nether realm, you can check the amount of Minion shards you’ve obtained. (after SN’s update)
2.You can now sell Legendary and Mythic Pet Shards! (after SN’s update)
3.Daily Quest: EXP reward changed into EXP Card. You can use the EXP Card directly to gain EXP or use it in Furnace to increase Furnace Level. (after SN’s update)
4.Ancient Armor: Added a reminder if if you lack the Ancient Armor.
5.Isle of Doom (after SN’s update)
1) When players respawn, they will automatically have a Light Shield skill item activated.
2) Optimized the display of Equipment names.

3) Optimized the display of Division level.

4) Increase the damage of Mystery Gift (Max 455%+16960) and decrease the probability of trigering Stun effect (Max 71%).

Bug Fixes:
1.Isle of Doom
1)Fixed a bug where the Isle of Doom Rank Chest was not in the Consumable bag.
2)Fixed a bug where the mini map sometimes did not load.
3)Fixed a bug where invisibility was being removed when players only moved.
4)Fixed a bug causing a 3-second error before the end of the match.

5)Fixed a display bug where the wrong content was shown in the reward email received by players who won the match but reached their daily rewards limit.

2.Baby Flipper: Fixed a bug where the Mystery Gift skill could not be dispelled
3. Trial of Valor: Fixed a bug where Eureka could give excessively high damage.

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