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Update V3.14.0 | New function: Valorium Equipment

15:55 Jan 03,2018

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.14.0
Update time:
2018/01/02 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
2018/01/04 (All Other Servers)
New Features and Gameplay:
1.New Mount: Frostclaw
2.New function: Valorium Equipment. Artifact Equipment with all cultivation levels maxed out can be transmogrified into Valorium Equipment. After Transmogrifying, all cultivation levels will be reset but the cultivated attributes will be kept. The new Valorium equipment can be cultivated again. Artifact set special effect (Enchant and Upgrade skills) will be kept as the max level.
1.To improve balance, the BR of players in Isle of Doom will be set to base stat values (HP: 400000, ATK: 150000, DEF: 50000) plus 0.5% of their normal BR. (After Thursday’s patch)
2.New Furnace resources: Rare Relic Essence, Epic Relic Essence, Astral Ingot, Pet EXP Potion, and Sage Stone.
3.You can now sell Mythic and Legendary Soul Arms Shards.
4.To avoid being stuck in beginner's guide, players above Lv.30 are able to check Weekly Check-in.
5.Optimized the damage dealt by the final Boss in Trial of Valor.
Bug Fixes:
1.Fixed a bug where some players could not donate after the patch.
2.Fixed a bug where new players were unable to do weekly check-ins in alternating weeks.
3.Fixed a bug where the icon of Isle of Doom was not shown in the right time due to the time difference between server time and EST time.

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