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Update V3.20.0 |Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary

11:59 Apr 04,2018

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.20.0

Update time:
2018/04/02 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
2018/04/04 (All Servers)

New Features and Gameplay:
1. New Clothing: Spring Flower;
2. New Hero: Taraquin;
3. New Title: Anniversary Title;
4. Echoes of Doom: New Chapter;

1. Extension for Temple of Seal level;
2. Extension for Armament Augment and Enhance;
3. Extension for Relic Enchantment.;
4. Add Augment reward for Valorium Equipment Enchanting;
5. Add the cost performance of Mine Boss: the price of participating times will be reduced to 50 topaz from 200 topaz, the price of attacking Boss times will be reduced to 10 topaz from 50 topaz.
6. Mine boss event runs daily from 12PM to 11PM(original time is from 12PM to 9PM,Resource War time keeps unchanged);

Bug fixed:
1. Fix a bug that some players will get Mine Boss (Normal) Team-up Reward Chest after defeating Heroic team-up Mine Boss.

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