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Update V3.21.0 |New Mount and Battle Pet Debut

12:00 Apr 18,2018

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V3.21.0

Update time: 
2018/04/16 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
2018/04/19 (All Servers)

New Features and Gameplay:

1. New Feature: Runestone Awaken;

2. New Mount: Prismatic Phoenix;
3. New Pet: Sakura;

4. New Skin for Sylvia and Taraquin;


1. Adjust the start time of World Boss, it’s from 21:15 to 21:27 now;
2. Upgrade for heroes and pets speed up (you can choose 3 times speed after 7th upgrade level);

3. Optimization for Grand Expedition: only Lv40+ players of top 20 draft guilds can be selected as attack target;

Bug fixed:

1.Fix a bug that player can’t purchase times of Mine Boss;
2.Fix a bug that heroes died in battle but don’t disappear;
3.Fix a bug that END and DEF don’t display in Devine Eye Enchant window.

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