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08:19 Apr 08,2016

1. Adjusted the commodity price
2. Optimized some text in UI
3. Adjusted the cencorship of chat
4. Changed the auto-run time of storyline from 5 sec to 8 sec
5. Kept Chat tab stable when switching maps
6. Renamed Amor to Aphrodite
7. Highered the limit of Guild name to 12 characters
8. Highered the limit of Guild announcement to 120 characters
9. Slowed down the speed of battles mildly
10. Changed the Achievement Reward for character's level reaching 25 from R3 Rune Chest×1 to Mastery Stone×4
11. Changed the button "Claim" into "Claimed" after claiming rewards in X-Server
12. Improved display in main screen (Make Quest Panel automatically shrink to adjust to a smaller browser)
13. Added EXP Tips on EXP bar. Added EXP progress tips on Character's Icon.
14. Added the function of pressing Enter to start typing
15. Added a scroll bar to Friend Chat Panel
16. Stoped showing seconds in AFK mode of Palace Dungeon (e.g. changed 14:00:00 into 14:00)

Bug Fixes:
1. Screened the verification of mobile and favorites
2. Screened the GM icon
3. Fixed the bug of unable to redeem codes
4. Fixed the bug of unable to block others
5. Fixed the bug of allowing changing fonts by players(hackers)
6. Fixed the bug of check-in (can't claim the first-day reward)
7. Fixed the Chinese words(消耗) in Refine System
8. Fixed the wrong display in MyWager
9. Fixed the Chinese words(任务完成) in X-server when claiming rewards
10. Fixed the wrong tips of creating a guild (should be beyond lvl 30 or VIP 3)
11. Fixed the Chinese display in chat panel (several friends called "啊啊啊啊啊" shows in the friend list)



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