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21:46 Apr 15,2016

New Features:
1. Added Guild Boss (available every 2 days, starts at 8PM server time)
2. Added Battle Rating tips
3. Added advance notice when functions open
4. Functions will display their start time

1. Optimized Sign-In interface overlay
2. Expanded Mini Client support
3. Optimized Relic effect description: Added text “Crit can also work in healing” to “Chance of inflicting a Crit hit on a target with <50% HP increased by X%”
4. The Buff effect “Damage Immunity” reworded to “Damage Reduction”
5. Arena War Cry character limit increased from 20 to 40 characters

Bug Fixes:
1. Deleted an error in Augustine’s storyline
2. Fixed issue with Total Sign In claim reward button not lighting up
3. Fixed issue with monsters in Abyss having incorrect stats

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