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Update 4.21 - World BOSS

18:11 Apr 20,2016

New Features:
1.New Game Mode: World BOSS
2.When players increase their BR they will be guided to Blitz and other functions

1. Adjusted stats of monsters in Abyss.
2. When examining another player’s BR info, a new popup will display your hero’s BR for comparison.
3. Added On/Off switch to Event Advance Notice (available at level 20).
4. Optimized Palace Dungeon Auto-fight shortcut interface
5. Changed “Reinforcement” to “Ally” in Hero interface.
6. Changed “Fate” to “Affinity” in Equipment Affinity.
7. Changed Thera’s Ultimate to continuous healing, overall buff.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed issue with the display automatically moving back to top of list when removing friends
2. Fixed issue that allowed usage of Ultimates to remove daze/stun effects
3. Fixed issue with monsters in Abyss having incorrect stats
4. Fixed display error of max stamina when players leveled up
5. Fixed discrepancy with Mount skill description and its actual effect
6. Fixed issue with Friend’s list going out of frame if limit is reached
7. Fixed description of Character Fashion skill “Razor Edge” to hit a column of enemies instead of a row.

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