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Update 5.11/12 | New Features: Equip Rebirth & Retrieve

12:56 May 11,2016

New Features:

▼Equipment Rebirth

Available at: Level 60

Access: Open “Recycle” Panel, click Equip Rebirth tab

Details: Players can select Legendary or above quality equipment to Rebirth. After Rebirth players will receive all Equipment shards and resources used in cultivating the equipment. Equipment shards can be used for Equipment Enchantment.

Resource Retrieve

Available at: Level 40

Access: Open “Quests” Panel, click Resource Retrieve tab

Details: Players can select to retrieve resources from events (such as Daily Quest, Guild Dungeon, World Boss, Abyss, and more) that they did not complete from the previous day. Spending Gold will retrieve 60% of the missed resource rewards. Using Diamonds will retrieve 100% of the missed resource rewards.


1. Players can now use Relics as material in 1-Click Enhance to enhance Relics

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed a bug where current quantity displayed in Equipment Enchantment was not updating properly when quick buying resources. 

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