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Update 5.5 - New Features: Auction House and Enchantment

13:48 May 05,2016

New Features:
1. New Feature: Auction House (unlocks at level 40)
2. New Feature: Equipment Enchantment (unlocks at level 60)
3. Added Topaz count when mousing over Diamonds on main interface
4. New Chat frame for system messages (System messages will now display in a frame above current chat frame)

1. LIKE ON FB function adjusted to unlock at level 5
2. Invite function adjusted to unlock at level 5
3. Sign-In function adjusted to unlock at level 5
4. Relic Shop tips pop up will no longer display after level 40

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug with player revive point in World Boss (middle position now adjusted more to the left side)
2. Fixed bug with Mount Icon still showing red exclamation when Mastery stones are insufficient
3. Fixed bug with Little Helper battle not auto-exiting after it has ended

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