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[Announcement] Conquest Optimizations

16:20 Aug 31,2016

Some adjustments have been made to Conquest in this week’s update. Check out them below:

1. Event Time
Conquest event time has been changed to 8:30PM - 9:00PM daily. To avoid conflict of time, World Boss event time has been changed to 1:05PM - 1:25PM daily.

2. Notifications before and within Conquest
Before the event: The news marquee and notice board will inform players when Conquest is starting soon.
Within the event: When teammates use the Mist item or send Commands, the related info will be shown in Battle Chat.

3. Matching Conditions
Levels are divided into 4 groups: 1-54\55-74\75-89\90+
Players of the same level group will be matched.

4. Team Info
A new prompt showing player info of both sides, including level and B.R., will display on the upper left corner.   

5. Points for kills reduced
Reduced points for killing enemies from 20 to 10.

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