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Update 11.2&11.3 | Resource War and Battle Royale can be Retrieved

19:36 Nov 02,2016

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V1.3.10.0
Update time: 2016/11/02 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
                    2016/11/03 (All Other Servers)

Advance Notice:


Team Domination will run from November 4th to November 10th with the first 2 days being the Registration Stage.


New Feature:


1.Added a Prompt feature in the lower right corner


2.Added Resource War and Battle Royale options in Retrieve panel



1. Added Blitz button to the main screen of Challenger’s Road.


2. Optimized battle to show total damage done by Heroes.


3. Adjusted the quantity and price of chests in Battle Royale.

Bug Fixes:


1. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause battle videos to be wiped.


2. Fixed a bug in Resource War where Secure Mines did not generate Eternal Crystal. 


3. Fixed some language errors in X-Server Wheel..



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