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Update 11.9&11.10 | Night before the War

17:50 Nov 09,2016

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V1.3.11.0
Update time: 2016/11/09 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)
                   2016/11/10 (All Other Servers)
Update Info

New Features:


1. New Panel: Night before the War. Warriors must fight together to collect Reveal Potions for the new League of Angels II Expansion!


2. New Battle Pet: Captain Mitts


3. (For US East Servers from S1 to S28 only) New Game Mode: Eternal War. The first season of Eternal War will run from Nov. 9th to Nov. 15th, with the first 2 days being the Registration Stage. Eternal War will be released to all servers on Nov. 17th.



1.The Stars of Equipment Enchant will show as [Star×number] if the number is greater than 1.

Bug Fixes:


1.Fixed the display error with Resource War in Retrieve where only 1 related resource was shown.  


2.Fixed the bug with Challenger’s Road where the Advance Reward for Gold 7 could not be claimed.  



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