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Dad is A Hero| Happy Father’s Day

18:40 Jun 17,2016

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday! Have you prepared a gift to your dear dad? The noble Angels make a vow to the sacred Lucky Tree wishing a happy life for all fathers in the world!

Upgraded Lucky Tree: Return You Diamonds!

This time, diamonds will drop from the Lucky Tree! The higher the tree level is, the more diamonds it will drop! Plus, as the tree level reaches 3 and higher, the amount of dropped diamonds increases hugely! Warriors, don’t miss this rare welfare!

Check out the guide of the Lucky Tree -> http://loa2.gtarcade.com/events/5674.html

New Mount: Armored Leopard

Armored Leopard, the strongest mount so far, is launching on the Father’s Day! Armed with golden helmet and armor, the amazing Leopard shows metallic luster and brings you a huge stat bonus! It increases 12% Damage and 3% Agility for your entire squad as a battle starts.

Players don’t need to collect shards for a long time to get it, but can buy a whole Armored Leopard in Lucky Store with Lucky coins!

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