Upgraded New Server Carnival - Events

12:16 Sep 27,2016

Good News! An upgraded New Server Carnival has been released! Players who's playing in servers younger than 7 days can enjoy this upgraded Carnival, which brings more and greater rewards! 



        Recharge Events

        Wheel of Fortune

        Lucky Tree

Check out this Event Guide of Carnival to know what you can get:


Unlimited Augment

Event Time: D1 00:00:01 -  D7 23:59:59

Description: Complete the task of Augment to get abundant rewards!

Requirement Rewards
1 hero Augment +5 Soul*200, Ritual Token*1, Lv. 2 EXP Scroll*5
1 hero Augment +6 Soul*400, Ritual Token*1, Lv. 2 EXP Scroll*10
1 hero Augment +7 Soul*600, Ritual Token*1, Lv. 2 EXP Scroll*20
All Heros in Squad Augment +5 Soul*1200, Ritual Token*1, Lv. 3 EXP Scroll*5
All Heros in Squad Augment +6 Support Hero Pack*1, Ritual Token*1, Lv. 3 EXP Scroll*10


Login Bonus

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Login everyday to get awesome rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Total Login: 1 day Stamina*300,Luxury Legendary Eqmt Shard Pack*2
Total Login: 2 days Refresh Token*20,Soul*600,EXP Card*2
Total Login: 3 days Gold*200,000,Anima's Path challenge token*10
Total Login: 4 days Energy Gem*100,Stamina*120
Total Login: 5 days Mastery Stone*100,Stamina*120
Total Login: 6 days Pet Awaken Crystal*1,Stamina*120
Total Login: 7 days Mini Eternal Chest*2,Stamina*300


Magic Rune

Event Time: D10 05:00:01 -  D12 04:59:59

Description: Combine Runes for certain times to get rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Combine Runes 5 times Pray Token*1, Gold*10,000
Combine Runes 10 times Pray Token*2, Gold*15,000
Combine Runes 15 times Pray Token*3, Gold*20,000
Combine Runes 20 times Pray Token*4, Gold*25,000

Abyssal Treasure

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D10 23:59:59

Description: Open the chests in Abyss to get extra rewards here! More treasures for you!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Open Chest in Abyss 12 times Hellcoin*800,Refine Stone*30 Gold*10,000
Open Chest in Abyss 18 times Hellcoin*1,200,Refine Stone*40, Gold*15,000
Open Chest in Abyss 24 times Hellcoin*1,500,Refine Stone*50, EXP Card*2Gold*15,000
Open Chest in Abyss 30 times Hellcoin*2,200, Refine Stone*60,Gold*20,000
Open Chest in Abyss 36 times Hellcoin*3,000, Refine Stone*70,EXP Card*2,Gold*30,000


Arena Champion

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D10 23:59:59

Description: Challenge in Arena and get points to reap rewards here!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Arena Point: 10 Arena Prestige*200, Bless Stone*30
Arena Point: 15 Arena Prestige*400, Bless Stone*50
Arena Point: 20 Arena Prestige*800, Bless Stone*60,Stamina*60,Exp Card*2
Arena Point: 25 Arena Prestige*1,500, Bless Stone*100,Stamina*60
Arena Point: 30 Arena Prestige*2,000, Bless Stone*120,Stamina*60,Exp Card*2
Arena Point: 40 Arena Prestige*2,500, Bless Stone*140,Stamina*120

You're Elite!

Event Time: D11 00:00:01 -  D13 23:59:59

Description: Challenge in Elite Dungeon for certain times to get rewards here!(Reset at 5:00 am)

Requirement Rewards
Clear Elite Dungeon 10 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*2,Anima*20,Gold*50,000
Clear Elite Dungeon 20 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*4,Anima*40,Gold*80,000,EXP Card*2
Clear Elite Dungeon 40 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*6,Anima*60,Gold*100,000
Clear Elite Dungeon 60 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*8,Anima*80,Gold*120,000,EXP Card*2
Clear Elite Dungeon 80 times Lv.4 EXP Scroll*10,Anima*100,Gold*150,000,EXP Card*4



Guild's Unity

Event Time: D5 00:00:01 -  D7 23:59:59

Description: Gain contribution in your guild to get rewards!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Guild contribution reaches 300 today Brave Seal*200, Gold*2,000
Guild contribution reaches 500 today Brave Seal*300, Gold*3,000
Guild contribution reaches 1000 today Brave Seal*500, Gold*5,000
Guild contribution reaches 3500 today Brave Seal*1,500, Gold*10,000


Hero Trial

Event Time: D8 00:00:01 -  D10 23:59:59

Description: Challenge in Hero Trial to get rewards here! You deserve it!(Reset at 5:00am)

Requirement Rewards
Challenge in Hero Trial 10 times Soul*50,Mastery Stone*20
Challenge in Hero Trial 15 times Soul*100,Mastery Stone*20
Challenge in Hero Trial 20 times Soul*200,Mastery Stone*20,EXP Card*2
Challenge in Hero Trial 25 times Soul*300,Mastery Stone*20
Challenge in Hero Trial 30 times Soul*400,Mastery Stone*50,EXP Card*2



Amazing Runes

Event Time: D4 00:00:01 -  D7 23:59:59

Description: Socket Runes in your Relic to get rewards here! (More Runes you socket, High B.R you will get)

Requirement Rewards
Socket 10 Runes in total R2 ATK Rune*3, Gold*5,000
Socket 15 Runes in total R3 DEF Rune*3, Gold*10,000
Socket 20 Runes in total R3 HP Rune*3, Gold*20,000
Socket 30 Runes in total R3 Crit Rune*3, Gold*30,000
Socket 40 Runes in total R5 ATK Rune*1, Gold*30,000


Palace Adventure

Event Time: D12 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Raid in Palace to get rewards here. (Reset at 5:00 am)

Requirement Rewards
Raid in Palace 20 times Slayer Seal*300,Rare Relic Essence*10, Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 35 times Slayer Seal*600,Rare Relic Essence*20Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 50 times Slayer Seal*1000, Rare Relic Essence*30,Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 65 times Slayer Seal*1,500, Epic Relic Essence*40,Stamina*60
Raid in Palace 90 times Slayer Seal*2,000, Epic Relic Essence*50,Stamina*60


Hero Shopaholic

Event Time: D12 00:00:01 -  D14 23:59:59

Description: Refresh Hero shop to get rewards! (Reset at 5:00 am)

Requirement Rewards
Refresh Hero Shop 20 times today Refresh Token*5,Soul*100,Soulstone*20
Refresh Hero Shop 40 times today Refresh Token*10, Soul*200,Soulstone*30,EXP Card*2
Refresh Hero Shop 60 times today Refresh Token*20, Soul*300,Soulstone*40
Refresh Hero Shop 80 times today Refresh Token*30, Soul*400,Soulstone*50,EXP Card*2



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