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Upcoming Events Notice: Dec. 12 - Dec. 17 | Jingle All the Way!

09:00 Dec 10,2016

There’s only half a month to go until Christmas! Are you looking forward to LoA2’s first Christmas Party as much as the Angels are? Starting Dec. 12, the grand Christmas pre-party will begin! Check out all the cool stuff waiting for you:


◆Event 1: Gifts from Holiday Angel


【Event time】 Dec. 12 - Dec. 25


【Description】During the event, players can get Christmas presents by clicking on the Holiday Angel in the main screen everyday! However, gifts can only be open after 12:00AM on Dec. 25, so please be patient! 

◆Event 2: Who will be the Christmas Angel?


【Event time】 Dec. 12 - Dec. 13


【Description】The Charm Ranking event will appear with a brand new Christmas theme! The most charming player will win the “Christmas Angel title, and players ranked second to fifth will win the “Santa’s Helper” title. Titles will provide B.R. bonuses and make you a truly special snowflake!

◆Event 3: Lucky Tree×Christmas Tree? Armament Edition


【Event time】 Dec. 14 - Dec. 15


【Description】 Have you tried out the new Armament system? Take this time in the Lucky Tree to grab an abundant amount of Armament resources!

◆Event 4: Angel's Fund offers the greatest value


【Event time】 Dec. 16 - Dec. 17


【Description】 You are probaby already familiar with the great value of Angel’s Fund. This time the event will give 8 times more rewards than what you spend! Please note you will only have 2 days to pre-purchase! 

◆Event 5: The 2nd Season of Eternal War 


【Event time】 Dec. 13 - Dec. 22


【Description】 The 2nd Season of Eternal War, also the last season for 2016, will start on Dec. 13! If you are still having trouble with learning this new mode, you can check out the strategies we have prepared for you on the LoA2 official page and forum!  
Christmas comes early this year in League of Angels II! Don’t miss the wonderful Christmas festival and all the amazing rewards to be had. Play the best browser MMORPG of 2016 right now, for free!

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