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Preview of Mighty Heroes’ Skill Changes

13:55 Jan 12,2017

More of your favorite Heroes can now evolve into Mythic ones after this week’s update! Lucas, Huxley, and Lydia are the Legendary heroes that have transcended to Mythic! This is their time to shine! Check out their new and enhanced skills after evolultion:

*Parts in red are the Enhanced Skill changes. Numbers below are for max level.


Lucas, Headless Horseman


New Skill: Lucas increases his own ATK by 10% each time he kills an enemy, this buff lasts until the end of battle.


Enhanced Skills: 

1. Ultimate: Deal (373%+13910) DMG to a vertical column of enemies, this skill deals an additional 100% Crit DMG; this skill also lowers targets' DEF by 15% for 2 rounds.


2. Normal: Deal (354%+13200) DMG to a target and absorb 200 of their Rage, this skill also increases lifesteal by 20%.

Huxley, Earthshaker


New Skill: In the first 3 rounds of battle, Huxley recovers an extra 300 Rage each turn.


Enhanced Skills: 


1. Ultimate: Deal(281%+10480) DMG to the 2 enemies with the lowest HP percentage; this skill also places a "Mark of Death" on the targets, when a marked target falls below 20% HP, they will die immediately, mark lasts 2 rounds.


2. Normal: Deal (294%+10960) DMG to enemy front row; this skill has a chance to Stun targets, the lower the targets' HP, the higher the chance to Stun.

 Lydia, Silver Dragon Princess


New Skill: Each time Lydia takes damage, 1.5% of the damage is added to her ATK, up to a total of 30%.


Enhanced Skills: 


1. Ultimate: Lydia deals (276%+10290) DMG to the enemy back row and reduces their ATK and DEF by 18% for 2 rounds.


2. Normal: Deal (373%+13910) DMG to a random target in the enemy back row with a 50% chance to Stun them for 1 round; this skill replaces the hero's basic attack.


3. Passive: Reduces the damage Lydia takes by 35%.

Players are able to get Mighty Heroes' Evo Core in Events on Jan. 12th and 13th after the update! Get ready to see your Hero transcend! 

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