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Harness the Unlimited Power of Elemental Runestones!

17:14 Mar 17,2017

The Elemental Runestone system has become very popular since its launch. Many players have achieved a great increase in BR after unlocking the power of Elemental Runstones. Some players may still have questions about this system so today we will go over some of most common topics and questions here. We hope everyone can acquire the unlimited power of the Elemental Runestones!

Q1: How does Elemental ATK work?

A: Using Fire Runestone as an example, this runestone endowed with Fire ATK will change all damage of its user into Fire type damage. It also provides Fire penetration, bonus Fire damage, and Fire resist.

Q2: Is normal ATK or Elemental ATK better in battle?
A:  There are no distinct advantages between normal ATK and Elemental ATK. They both raise the squad’s BR. 

Q3: How does Elemental Penetration and Resistance work?
A: Resistance reduces the corresponding Elemental damage; Penetration ignores part of the target’s Resistance. So when taking a specific elemental damage, first the attacker’s penetration will reduce your resistance, then your remaining resistance will reduce the elemental damage. In attacker’s penetration is higher than defender’s resistance, then the defender’s resistance will be negative and the damage he received will be increased.

Q4: Are there differences among the four Elemental Runestones?
A: Four Elemental Runestones are the same in terms of basic attribute values, but they have different secondary attributes. Fire increases Crit, Earth increases Endurance, Wind increases Hit, and Water increases Dodge. 

Q5: Do the four Elemental Forces restrict each other?
A:  Without upgrades, Elemental Runestones do not restrict one another. However, when Inscribing, different Elemental Runestones will receive different levels of Penetration against other Elemental Forces. For example, Fire Elemental Runestone will receive more Wind Penetration and less Water Penetration.

Q6: Which Elemental Runestone suits my hero?
A:  Fire Runestone suits Crit-oriented DPS heroes. Its secondary attribute is Crit, which is perfect for attacking.
Earth Runestone suits Support heroes. It helps support heroes survive longer in battle, and can help them increase ATK via its Endurance attribute.
Wind Runestone suits all DPS heroes. Its secondary attribute is Hit, allows heroes to deal more damage overall.
Water Runestone suits all Healers. Its secondary attribute is Heal, which can both improve Healing effect and keep some heroes alive to devote their remaining power.

Q7: Can the Quench skill from Fire Runestone replace normal attacks of heroes that use skills to as their normal attack? Can it improve the skill’s damage?
A: The Quench skill will not improve normal skill’s damage. It only improves a hero’s normal attack damage. Heroes that use certain skills in place of basic attacks, such as Pamela, Evolved Lydia, and Isolde, will not benefit from this skill.

Q8: Can I equip Pamela with Fire Runestone?
A: There are no restrictions to who can equip what Elemental Runestone. Fire Runestone can offer more Crit damage and Crit Rate for Pamela, which makes her stronger at her role.

Q9: How does Water Runestone’s healing effect work? Does it affect Relics’ HP absorbing and restoring effects? 
A: Water Runestone’s healing effect is based on the healing skills of the hero. Relic effects are not included.

Q10: Are there any optimal ways to inscribe Elemental Runestone? 
A: There are no optimal ways. Players can choose a suitable path to upgrade their Runestones based on the Inscribe points available and the attributes each node provides. Customize your heroes to your needs. However the nodes forming three large circles in the upper part of the codex are much stronger than attributes on other nodes. 

Q11: Can Inscribe be reset?
A:  Besides Runestone rebirth, Inscribe panel also has a unique reset function. It allows players to re-adjust their upgrade strategy. Resetting the Inscribe will return Inscribe Points and other resources that were used. Please note that a reset will cost Inscribe Crystals. 
There is a Preview button on Inscribe page where players can try out different upgrade paths before committing actual resources.

Q12: What are Inscribe Markings for and where do I get them?
A:  Inscribe Markings are used to activate Inscribe Skills. Inscribe Markings are available in in-game events so keep an eye on them.

Q13: Why does my Inscribe fail to add attributes?
A:  The Inscribe Preview page is just a simulator for players to try out Inscribe paths, you must activate Inscribe nodes in the Inscribe panel to gain attributes. 

Hope this Q&A has helped you better understand this system. All players are welcome to share their own strategies here--> http://community.gtarcade.com/thread/307181-1-1.html

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