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Mythic Hero Guide: Rei, the Champion of Dhyana Saints

13:53 Jun 25,2016

That latest update of LoA2 introduced a new kind of Hero to the land of the Angels. Today we will overview one of these Mythic Heroes. With the title of Dhyana Champion, Rei is a Panda Orc who used to mentor Pan, is going to unveil the mysterious relationship between oriental clan and league of angels.



◇The Golden Barrier Absorbs Everything!◇

Normal Skill:
1. Martial Fury: Deal (228%+80) damage to main target and half of the damage to all enemies behind them with a chance to stun for 1 round.

Ultimate Skill:
1. Heaven’s Wheel: Deal (253%+90) damage to enemies in a vertical column and stun for 1 round, also gain a shield equal to 25% max HP, damage is increased by 15% while shield is active.

Passive Skills:
1. Golden Barrier: At start of battle, create a golden barrier for entire team that absorbs (ATK*93%+30) damage, lasts 2 rounds.
2. Zen Master: In battle, passively increase Crit and Block by 10% and gain 100 rage each round.
1. A hero that gets significantly stronger as time goes on, with stuns to stop enemies dead in their tracks.
2. Golden Barrier can effectively absorb all damage, saving your entire team from certain doom.

◇Legend of Rei◇

    Rei is the most powerful and skilled fighter of the Dhyana, it is rumored he is 600 years old. He is also one of the three leaders of the Dhyana. 

    One day, the 3 Dhyana Saints felt the arrival of a new evil, the Dhyana has no choice but to help the rest of Sapphire thus revealing their mysterious nature. 

    Now Rei has to go forth to the Celestial Kingdom to find Theresa, who seems to be the key to everything.



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