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Mythic Hero Guide: Pamela, Immortal Twilight Queen

14:00 Jun 25,2016

That latest update of LoA2 introduced a new kind of Hero to the land of the Angels. Today we will overview one of these Mythic Heroes. With an immortal body, Pamela, the Twillight Queen, has been hatching a conspiracy answering to the Chaos Wars lasting hundreds of years. 



◇Immune to Any Negative Status Effects!◇


Normal Skill:
1. Doom: Deal (228%+80) damage to enemy with lowest HP and reduce rage by 200, this skill replaces hero’s basic attack.

Ultimate Skill:
1. Black Breath: Deal (316%+110) damage to enemy with the lowest HP, enemies around the target take half splash damage, and reduce rage by 150.

Passive Skills:
1. Dragon Curse: Curse all enemies, reducing their damage by 15%, lasts 2 rounds.
2. Undying: Pamela is immune to all negative status effects and restores 5% of her HP each round.


1. The Perfect Assassin: Able to instantly kill targets with low HP.
2. Use her with refined Mythic Equipment and enchanted Mythic Relic to more than double attack power!
3. Dragon Curse lowers attack of all enemies by 15%, greatly reducing their output towards your team.
4. She is immune to all negative status effects, making her extremely valuable against certain enemies.

Legend of Pamela


   A consort of the Ancient Flame Dragon and was one of the first creatures to attain magic. When the Flame Dragon was defeated by the unified might of the Dragons, Pamela put herself in a state of stasis, leaving a clue to her whereabouts to Ulysses. 

    Millenniums later, Ulysses woke Pamela from her slumber hoping to use her to rule Sapphire. On the surface, she allowed Ulysses to command her, but behind his back, she made every possible alliance she could so that she can make herself more powerful. 

    This is also why she joined the Midas Kingdom, the only one where Pamela does not have an enemy.



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