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Eternal War Terms Guide

19:23 Nov 17,2016

Are you having trouble distinguishing terms in Eternal War like Resource, Merit, Medals, Legion Tech, and so on? Check out this Eternal War terms sheet to become an expert in no time!


Resources: Iron, Wood, and Stone. Produced by various Strongholds when they are captured by Legions.


Legion members can build Weapons with their personal Resources. Weapons will be stored in the Depot for members to use in battle. By building Weapons, players can earn Merit, Medals, and Legion Contribution.


☆ The Commander and Officer can use Legion Resources to build Weapons and earn Legion Contribution.


Legion members can earn Legion Contribution by donating Resources, Diamond, or Topaz.
Merit: A currency can be used in the Eternal Shop.

Medal: Acts as a score for performing various deeds in the Eternal War.


Medal Rankings refresh daily. Players who get on the rankings will earn Rank Rewards. Players who continue to perform well on the Rankings during the Eternal War will earn extra great rewards!


Medals may decide the final winner! After the Eternal War concludes, the Faction with the most occupied Strongholds will be the Champion Faction. If two Factions have the same number of Strongholds, the one with more total Medals will win.
Legion Contribution: Legion members can use Contribution to upgrade Legion Tech.

Legion Tech: Upgrading Legion Tech helps you to enhance multiple Attributes and Skills. Individual Skill cannot surpass Legion skill limit.


Legion Tech includes:
① Individual: Vitality (increase HP), Might (increase ATK), Stoneskin (increase DEF)

② Legion: Speed Builder (increase building speed), Tower Duration and Mine Duration (increase Weapon duration), Ram King and Explosive Expert (increase Merit gain)


After leaving a Legion, your skill level will not change. However if your new Legion's Tech level is below your personal Tech level, your level will be capped at the Legion limit.
Legion Funds: Raised from Diamonds and Topaz donated by members to the Legion. The Commander and Officer can use Funds to upgrade the level of their Legion, which can increase member/Tech/territory limits and unlock better Weapons.



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