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New Feature | Equipment Enchantment

17:46 May 04,2016

Equipment Enchantment

▶Requirements: Character lvl 60.

▶Getting Started: Open “Equipment” panel, and click on “Enchant” tab. 

▶Event Rules: 
· Players can enchant Equipment with Equipment Shards. e.g. Enchant Berserker Helm with Berserker Helm Shards.
· Equipment stats will be enhanced by clicking on the “Enchant” button successfully.

· Each time the players manages to light up a star, a mysterious attribute will be added to the equipment. 

▶How to Get Shards:
· By blitzing Elite Dungeon, opening chests, and buying them.

· By Equipment Rebirth (Open “Recycle” panel and choose “Equipment Rebirth”, requires characters lvl 60+), players can turn equipment into shards, and get back all resources that were spent on it.

* Equipment Rebirth will be released in the future version.

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