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New Feature | Auction House

17:53 May 04,2016

★Auction House

▶Requirement: Character lvl 40. 

▶Getting Started: Click on the “Hammer” button below the map on the right corner

About Auction House
· Players are able to sell Legendary or Relics and part of other items at an. Players can bid for items they want and make deals.
· Auction House is a X-Server system which allows players from the same X-Server group to trade with each other.
· Only Recharged Diamonds can be used in Auction House.

How to Bid
· Bid amount: Increase 5% of the last offer
· Players can search certain Relic with the search box in the Auction Panel
· Players can use Auto-bidding. If the player wins the auction, the remaining diamonds set for Auto-bidding will be refunded to the player; if the player does not win the auction, all of the diamonds for Auto-bidding will be refunded. 

How to Sell
· Only unbound Relics can be sold. Once the Relic get enhanced/socketed/Equipped, it will turn to be unbound Relic which cannot be traded.
· Players can earn diamonds from successful deals. The earned diamonds cannot be used in Auction House again. 

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