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Elite Dungeon

13: 44 Mar 17,2016

Warriors start their journeys on the magical land. The unknown world is waiting for being explored. Welcome to Elite Dungeon, an exotically legendary continent.

[Requirement] The character reaches lv. 15.                                


    * If a symbol of "Crossing Swords" is hanging above the stage, it means that this stage is open for challenge. Each challenge consumes 12 points of stamina.  

    * When the player passes a stage, a grading based on the number of dying heros will show up with the highest grade of three stars.    

    * Blitz will be unlocked once the player get three stars in a stage. Blitz enables players to earn drops, EXP, and other rewards only by stamina without battles.

    * During the battle, the player can choose to release heros' skills automatically or not.


    * Everytime the player passes a stage of Elite Dungeon, he/she will get a chest.

    * For the grade of 7, 14, 21 stars of Chapter grading, three corresponding chests will be given to the player.

    * Players mainly earn Gold, EXP, Prism, and Shards from Elite Dungeon.


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