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13: 47 Mar 17,2016

A platform enables players to fight against each other. Powerful warriors will be on the ranking list.


    * The character reaches lv. 12.

[Gameplay Access]

    * Click on "Arena" in Single-player to get in.


    * Each player has 5 free attempts daily. Extra attempts can be bought with diamonds.

    * Each attempt will add a 5-minute CD time. As long as CD reaches 10 minutes, the squad will be iceboxed that can not fight temporarily. You can remove CD with diamonds.

[Arena Rankings]

    *Defeat a player of a higher ranking to take his/her place.


    * Player receives Prestige, Gold, and diamonds no matter how a match ends. Prestige can be used in Arena Shop to buy various practical game items.

    * Ranking rewards can be claimed at 21:00 based on rankings. The higher your ranking is, the more rewards you can claim. (Unclaimed rewards will be sent by mail.)

    *The top 64 players are eligible for a weekly tournamentnament called Domination. In Domination, the most powerful warriors gather together to win double rewards.

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